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SGZZ Publications

Economic Forecasting for ManagementEconomic Forecasting for Management - Possibilities and Limitations

H. G. Graf, 2002, Quorum Books, Westport/USA

ISBN: 978-1-5672-0601-2 978-3-7253

Global ScenariosGlobal Scenarios - Megatrends in Worldwide Dynamics

H. G. Graf, 2002, 1. Auflage, Verlag Rüegger, Chur/Zürich

ISBN: 978-3-7253-0721-0

pdf Economics & Management - Zusammenhänge der Wirtschaftswelt

H.G. Graf, 2005, Verlag Rüegger, Chur und Zürich

ISBN: 978-3-7253-0806-4

Futures Research & Consulting

About the Center for Futures Research


Welcome to the website of the former Center for Futures Reseach, St. Gallen (Office: Prof. Dr. H. G. Graf

"The Future belongs to those, who get there first." (Frank Feather)

On this website Visitors will find all available information about the private research and consulting center SGZZ.

The Center for Futures Research was an independent, private research and consultancy firm, with personal links to the St. Gall University for Economics, Law and Business Administration (HSG). A consultative body composed of around 60 personalities in private enterprises and public administration guided the research work. The Center for Futures Research was founded in 1968 in order to prepare studies on long-term social and economic development prospects of Switzerland for the Swiss central government.

The activities of the SGZZ have since been enlarged to carry out research for clients in government, private firms, organizations and public administration. Predominant research fields have been long-term developments of markets, sectors and industries on a regional, national and international level, comprising also short term forecasts for the Swiss economy and some of its industries, among them the construction sector.

Systems Thinking Practice is an initiative to restore functionality and content of Systems Thinking Practice (STP).

STP is an interactive web directory of all the disciplines of systems thinking and related activities on the Web. Using a virtual card, you will find quick access to interesting sites and people.

STP will continue to be available in English and later to be accessed via a subdomain.

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