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SGZZ Publications

Economic Forecasting for ManagementEconomic Forecasting for Management - Possibilities and Limitations

H. G. Graf, 2002, Quorum Books, Westport/USA

ISBN: 978-1-5672-0601-2 978-3-7253

Global ScenariosGlobal Scenarios - Megatrends in Worldwide Dynamics

H. G. Graf, 2002, 1. Auflage, Verlag Rüegger, Chur/Zürich

ISBN: 978-3-7253-0721-0

pdf Economics & Management - Zusammenhänge der Wirtschaftswelt

H.G. Graf, 2005, Verlag Rüegger, Chur und Zürich

ISBN: 978-3-7253-0806-4

Systems Thinking Practice

Systems Thinking, an approach from the last century?

Over the last century the approach of Systems Thinking (ST) has gained increasing attention in various societal domains, such as culture, science, general and human ecology, religion, and economics & management.

Systems Thinking is a way of perceiving the world in a holistic mode rather than cutting it into many pieces which are analyzed in detail and mostly separate from each other. A system as such may be defined as "a family of relations". In so far ST represents a set of "thinking tools" for dealing with interrelations between phenomena rather than singular aspects of reality - no matter what their contents may be.

Understanding change has been of particular interest for ST. Since systems have been described as dynamic and complex, the issue of evolutionary systemic behavior is of major importance.

Systems Thinking Practice (STP) is a joint effort to provide a web directory as container for dialogues on Systems Thinking and related activities on the Web. Read more...


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